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I am a 16 year old, mature, sexy, guy. Im am confused about my sexuality...uh... i mean, my goals in life. And i think the world is going to hell in a handbasket, or possibly, a large purse.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Ideas That Offend Many People.

  1. Christianity Is The Leading Religion Of Corruption
  2. In Order To help humanity, major cities should be destroyed, even if it kills innocent people.
  3. Tim Is Incompetent
  4. So Is Josh
  5. It is better to be hurt and not love than to love and be hurt worse.
  6. Hurt Is A Stupid Looking Word.
  7. All Paths Lead To Destruction. Good or Evil Its all the same in the end.
  8. Rock Stars and Movie actors are false icons that help spread the lies of corruption and consumerism.
  9. All political parties are as dum as a fish. (which are very dumb) ((at least, i think theyre dumb)) (((dumb is another ugly word)))
  10. Its not my fault i was born so damn good looking, so quit taking your ugliness out on me. (im kidding, im very mediocre) ((and i dont even have a large penis, so i guess im screwed)) (((or rather, not)))
  11. Money is pointless, thats right. Its Bull, and i can live without it you bastards. (well, i dont need a lot of it, but enough to travel) (Fine maybe im sort of contradicting on that one but money is still stupid)
  12. Im Better than most people (i dont know if i actually believe that, but i suppose its how i appear)
  13. No Matter how good you look, if you smell bad, you are worthless. So Buy New Old Spice For Men, How Dirty Boys Get Clean.
  14. Everyone these days are apathetic (holy crap, just saying that is apathetic! its like a neverending circle) (oh well, the worlds screwed anyways)
  15. Girls usually go for the jerks. Joel has a pretty good idea why, but i forgot. All i know is that it makes sense, and if you look around, youll see its true.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Gavins Top Ten ARTISTIC Movies

Movies, they are artistic. Here are some of the best ive ever seen or saw, whatever. And yes i may only be in high school but im smarter than a lot of people. I Think. Well, I will Post them from 1 as less great, to 10 as more great.
1. Nightmare Before Christmas
2. Yellow Submarine
3. Pink Floyds, The Wall
4. Sin City
5. Tai Guk Gai
6. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
7. Amelie
8. Zatoichi
9. House of Flying Daggers
10. 3 Iron
If anyone disagrees with me, then tell me what you think should be done and i will change it. Then you can go punch out god. Maybe these arent the greatest artistic movies ever, but its almost 4 in the morning and its the best i can do, besides as Dave says, its whats i gots.